Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Keypad Voting

For the first time, the Memphis Annual Conference will use keypad voting devices for the election of 2020 General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference delegates. Click HERE for keypad voting instructions in PowerPoint. (PDF Version). This is a Power Point document that should be viewed and/or printed before arrival at annual conference. If a delegate needs assistance reading or downloading the file, they should contact their church pastor/office and/or district office. Questions? Email Dr. David Russell | brodavid53@yahoo.com

Monday, May 20, 2019

Tech Minded Volunteers Needed for Help Desk at Conference!

We especially need help distributing voting devices on Tuesday, June 4 at Annual Conference this year.  The greatest need will be from 7:00 am – 8:30 am, as delegates arrive and prepare for electronic voting on delegates to General Conference.  The Tech Help Desk will also be operating throughout the conference to help support the voting devices, mobile app, translation headsets, and other needs.  Interested?  Please contact Rev. Josh McClurkan at pastor.j.mcclurkan@gmail.com with the times you will be available for scheduling. Many thanks!!!

Memphis Conference Mobile App

Conference reports, information and more are all available under the first icon on the app!

The Memphis Conference Mobile App provides direct links to materials frequently accessed on the conference website by phone and other devices.  The app offers a special section for the coming Annual Conference session.  An optional push notification feature enables important messages to be instantly sent to all who want to receive them.  For more info, please see the Mobile App Quick Reference on the conference website.  Or better yet, download the app from your app store and try it out!

Choose your store or scan the QR code to download the app:


Friday, May 10, 2019

Website Options

Thanks to Sue Engle, pastor of Trinity UMC in Paducah, for asking about this solution!

Note: Please see Web Ministry on the Memphis Conference website for more info.

UM Communications offers an excellent set of website hosting solutions at www.umcchurches.org  These are Wordpress based websites, and include some United Methodist plugins developed by UMCom, along with other selected plugins.  Full support is also provided.

Oklahoma Conference UMC Communications Office has prepared this guide for setting up a free church site at  www.wordpress.com

Google provides free websites with Google Sites, available with either your Memphis Conference Google Business Apps (free to all churches, clergy, organizations and others in our conference), and also available through personal Gmail accounts.

Memphis Conference provides each church a web page through the conference web site, and these can be used as interim web sites.  For example, here is the page for Trinity UMC in Paducah,   Each church maintains their own information on these directory pages through their Local Church Dashboard.

A variety of other website solutions are in use across the conference, and it would be great if everyone would post a comment about about the ones they use.  We also have several website developers around the conference, who provide excellent designs and services.  Hopefully, they also would post information.

Please share your church website ideas, suggestions and experiences!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Website Grants from UMCom

UMCom is offering a Website Development Grant to local UM churches.

Definitely worth a couple of clicks to find out about 1 year free webhosting, domain registration, WordPress training and support.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Find a Church Updates

Both the conference and denominational "Find-a-Church" programs make information available to those seeking current information about your church.

The conference "Find-a-Church" page for each church is located on the conference website at www.Memphis-umc.org and provides an information page for each church in the conference.  The information on that page is populated from entries in the "Church Info" tab of the Local Church Dashboard.  The titles of empty fields are suppressed, so that only fields with entries are displayed. Church location information is used to generate a map for users to automatically get directions. Church photos, contact information, schedule, website, and other information may be added.

Just as important is the denominational "Find-a-Church" page www.umc.org which is used by visitors and those moving into new communities to help them choose a church in the area.  To update, navigate to your church page and then click the "Update Church Information" button at the bottom of the page.  There are several sections, and many churches use this service as their church website.  The entries are checked manually before updates are posted, and then a notification is sent when the update has been approved. Tutorials are furnished to make sure every church gets the most from this service.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"What it Means to be United Methodist" Free online course

"What it Means to be United Methodist."

Free, ongoing, self-paced online course from UM Communications. Certificate of Completion and .5 ALLLM CEU awarded. Facilitated by Bill Lawson

Course Description

This online course is designed for new United Methodists and anyone wanting to know more about the denomination. Are you a lifelong or long-term Methodist? You may be surprised at what you can learn about our denomination. The course includes 4 modules that contain many interactive features. Each module takes about 1 hour to complete. You can move through the modules at your own pace.

What will I learn?

This course is divided into 4 parts. In the course, you’ll explore the following areas of interest:

Modern Methodism
What We Believe
Our Roots
Church Structure